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Commercial Roller Door Repairs – Why You Should Call a Professional

Are you experiencing difficulties opening and closing your commercial garage doors? Is your industrial roller door jamming? Have you been considering DIY repairs? Commercial garage and roller doors are heavy, and their components are intricate and require the expertise of a professional technician. For fast and reliable commercial door repairs, Melbourne businesses turn to Cowan Doors. Our
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Is it Necessary to Lubricate Commercial Garage Doors?

Your commercial roller door will last and perform with the right servicing and maintenance. Lubrication is an essential part of garage door care, without it, you may find your door becoming harder to open and close over time and can result in an inconvenient malfunction needing expensive repairs. For repairs and maintenance of commercial roller shutters, Melbourne
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old Upgrading Your Commercial Garage Doors

Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors protect your assets from damage, theft and vandalism and while most professionally installed doors will last for years with proper servicing and maintenance, there will likely come a time where you may need to consider upgrading or replacing your commercial roller doors. For reliable and affordable commercial roller shutters repairs, installation, maintenance or replacement,
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Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roller Shutter Supplier

Are you looking for high quality commercial roller shutters for your business? There are many suppliers and installers in the market, however choosing a supplier that can provide roller shutters custom designed and installed to provide the durability and reliability demanded by modern businesses can be difficult. Even if you find the right supplier, they may not
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What Are the Best Doors for Shopfronts?

Shopfront doors can make or break a business, so it’s important to get them right. Continually breaking down, not opening and closing properly, a bulky appearance detracting from the visual appeal of the building – all of these things can be detrimental to the overall success of the business inside. Cowan Doors is Melbourne’s leading choice for
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Grey Roller Shutters

Cleaning Commercial Roller Shutters

Commercial roller doors and roller shutters are constantly exposed to the elements. Wind, rain, dust and dirt can impact the look of your shutters as well as their operation, so it’s important to keep them clean and free of dirt and debris. A commercial roller door is quite low maintenance when it comes to cleaning so the
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grey Commercial Roller Shutters

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Commercial Roller Shutters

From warehouses to shops, commercial roller shutters cater to the unique needs of all commercial properties. As Melbourne’s leading supplier of installation, repairs and maintenance services for commercial roller doors and garage doors, at Cowan Doors we understand the incredible benefits these high quality features can bring to any business. Providing superior strength and functionality to any
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When Your Commercial Garage Doors Won’t Open or Close Properly

If your commercial door isn’t operating properly or isn’t closing all the way, it puts your business in a vulnerable position. Cowan Doors is Melbourne’s largest Australian-owned industrial door servicing company and we have over 20 years’ experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of commercial roller shutters, garage doors and sliding doors. If a door at
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Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Installation of Commercial Gates and Doors

Commercial roller doors are designed to maximise the safety and security of a business facility, however, for them to work effectively and efficiently, it’s vital they are installed correctly and maintained appropriately. Cowan Doors is Melbourne’s largest Australian-owned commercial door servicing company. Whether you run a small business or you’re just trying to cut down on expenses,
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Simple Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roller Doors

For most businesses, sliding gates and garage doors play a vital role in keeping the business premises safe and secure, however, they only provide protection when they function as they should. Cowan Doors is Melbourne’s trusted choice for fast and efficient servicing and maintenance of commercial roller doors. Most business owners and management corporations are aware of
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Secure Your Business with Commercial Roller Doors

With crime rates on the rise, security should a top priority for every Melbourne business. Break-ins can cause damage to expensive machinery, can compromise the safety of confidential data and can result in a huge loss of stock, not to mention cause inconvenient and costly downtime. By installing some simple security measures such as commercial roller doors,
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Top Tips for Cleaning Commercial Roller Shutters

Many Australian businesses rely on roller shutters for high quality protection, however, over time roller shutters will be subject to wear and tear through exposure to the elements and general usage. A build-up of dirt and dust on your commercial shutters not only detracts from the professional image of your business, it can disrupt the smooth operation
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24/7 Emergency Commercial Roller Door Repair – Why You Need to Act Quickly

Roller shutters and doors are an important part of making a commercial or industrial premises safe and secure. A damaged or malfunctioning commercial roller door needs immediate attention and repair. Every minute you cannot access your premises could mean a major loss of productivity and income and every minute your property isn’t secure could put you at
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Creative Uses for Commercial Roller Doors

While most people consider roller doors as a functional tool for keeping vehicles safe inside a garage, there are actually many commercial business applications where garage doors can be utilized to create a comfortable and contemporary space with simple and convenient access. Cowan Doors is Melbourne’s leading commercial roller door repair company, offering a 24-hour emergency repair
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Common Repairs Needed for Commercial Doors

Whether you have just installed new commercial sliding gates and doors or you have had years of service with no major issues, it is a good idea to understand the type of maintenance or repairs your commercial doors and gates may need in the future. Cowan Doors is Melbourne’s trusted industrial door servicing company, available 24/7 for
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The Importance of Servicing Your Commercial Sliding Gates

Reliable industrial sliding gates are an excellent form of security for any businesses, providing a high level of safety and protection whilst being easy to operate and smooth to open. Providing so many benefits to all types of businesses, the last thing you want is your commercial sliding gate to fail and one great way to prevent
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commercial automatic swing gates

The Many Benefits of Using Commercial Automatic Swing Gates for Your Business

Ideal for factories, warehouses and any other commercial properties looking for the best way to keep their premises safe and secure, automatic swing gates not only maximise security, there are a number of other critical benefits that come with having automatic swing gates in a commercial setting. The team at Cowan Doors has worked with businesses all
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Commercial Roller Shutters

The 3 Key Benefits of Installing Commercial Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are a practical addition to any business, a simple and cost-effective solution, they offer a huge range of benefits from increased security. Available in a wide range of colours to complement any existing colour scheme, commercial roller shutters are easy to operate, low maintenance and are an all-round wise investment for every business. Cowan Doors
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boom gate installation

The Many Benefits of Boom Gate Installation

From carparks and shopping centres, to hospitals and apartment complexes, passing through a boom gate is regular occurrence in today’s modern world. An effective and affordable security option, this type of automatic security barrier is one of the most common methods for controlling vehicle access and traffic flow into a restricted area. At Cowan Doors, we provide
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News For 2016 From The Cowan Group

Cowan Air and joint venture partner Cowan Doors are expanding this year despite an uncertain economy, we must be doing something right by our clients, the expansion and additional staff is due to an increasing work load from our existing clients and new clients coming on board, as a result of our unsurpassed service and client follow
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