How Weather Conditions Can Affect the Mechanical Parts in Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are an essential aspect of almost every business, facilitating the seamless flow of customers, employees, goods, and services. Amidst their constant operation, they face an adversary that often goes unnoticed – the weather. From scorching heat to howling winds, weather conditions can significantly impact the mechanical components of commercial doors. Melbourne in particular has a
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Electric Gates

Electric Gates – Common Problems and Solutions

Electric gates are a necessity for many commercial and industrial properties, as they enhance convenience, security, and safety. However, like any system with mechanical parts, they are not immune to problems here and there. From minor technical glitches to major mechanical failures, electric gates can present various challenges. Fortunately, with a little care and maintenance its easy
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Automatic sliding glass

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Auto Sliding Doors? How to Know When the Moment is Right

Automatic sliding glass doors are a staple in many commercial and industrial spaces, offering convenience, accessibility, and a touch of modernity. However, like any other technology, they require maintenance and occasional upgrades to ensure optimal performance and security. So, how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your commercial auto glass doors? Let’s explore some key
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Industrial Gates

Securing Spaces – A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial and Industrial Gates

The first line of defence for many commercial and industrial spaces often comes in the form of robust gates. Serving as sentinels, safeguarding properties, businesses, and industrial facilities, commercial-grade gates enhance security and regulate access. The types of commercial and industrial gates available are as diverse as the spaces they protect, read on to learn about a
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Commercial Glass Doors

Choosing the Best Glass for Commercial Glass Doors

In offices and other commercial spaces, the design and functionality of glass doors play a crucial role in creating a welcoming, safe, and professional environment. When it comes to commercial glass doors, not all glass is the same. The type of glass chosen can significantly impact aesthetics, energy efficiency, and security. Whether you need a commercial sliding
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The Environmental Benefits of Commercial Roller Shutters

In a world increasingly attuned to ecological concerns, businesses are now seeking innovative solutions that not only bolster security but also contribute to a greener planet. Commercial roller shutters, often celebrated for their security features, are emerging as unsung heroes in the realm of environmental sustainability. Let’s explore how these robust and versatile shutters extend beyond safeguarding
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Stylish Sliding Doors

Sleek and Stylish Sliding Doors – 7 Ways They Can Elevate Your Commercial Space

When it comes to commercial properties, aesthetics play a crucial role in creating a memorable and inviting environment for customers and employees alike. While the design of your space involves numerous elements, one often overlooked aspect that can make a significant impact is the choice of doors. Sliding doors, with their sleek and contemporary design, have become
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Weathering the Storm – The Impact of Weather on Commercial Garage Doors and How You Can Protect Them

Commercial garage doors are essential components of many businesses, serving as both a point of access and a robust security barrier. While they are built to withstand wear and tear, they are not impervious to the whims of Mother Nature. Weather can have a significant impact on these doors, causing damage, operational issues, and potential safety hazards.
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Commercial Garage Doors – A Guide to Types and Features

When it comes to commercial spaces, first impressions matter. And what’s one of the first things anyone notices upon entering a building? The door! Commercial doors are more than just functional barriers; they’re a statement of style, security, and accessibility. Read on as we take a fascinating journey through some of the different types of commercial doors
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Unlocking the Benefits of Insulating Your Commercial Garage Door

When it comes to optimising the functionality and efficiency of your commercial space, insulating your garage door might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the benefits of insulating commercial garage doors go far beyond temperature control. From energy savings to enhanced durability and increased comfort, insulation plays a vital role in maximising the
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Commercial Garage Doors

The Latest Trends in Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial roller doors play a crucial role in various industries, providing secure access, efficient operations, and a professional appearance. As technology continues to advance, commercial garage door systems are evolving to meet the changing needs and demands of businesses. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing doors or you’re in need of a new installation, here
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Should You Repair or Replace a Commercial Glass Door?

Functional doors are an essential part of every business or commercial property; they help to maintain a pleasant internal temperature, offer a high level of security, and provide safe and easy access for customers and clients. Whether due to an accidental impact or regular wear and tear, there may come a time when you need commercial glass
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Can Commercial Roller Shutter Prevent Condensation?

There are so many benefits that commercial roller shutters can bring to a business, with the primary advantages being safety and security. However, one question that is commonly asked is if roller shutters can prevent condensation from happening. Read on to find out more. What is Condensation? Condensation occurs when moisture in the air comes into contact
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Boom Gate

What to Do When Your Boom Gate Won’t Work

Boom gates are physical barriers that control vehicular traffic in a particular area. They consist of a long horizontal arm, known as the boom, that can be raised or lowered to allow or deny access. Commonly found in parking lots, toll booths, and other restricted areas where access needs to be controlled, they are typically run by
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grey Commercial-Roller-Door

5 Reasons Why a Commercial Roller Door Might Buckle

Commercial shutters and roller doors are a staple of commercial buildings and warehouses, providing efficient and secure access to the premises. But unfortunately, they can become damaged if not maintained properly or subjected to extreme weather conditions. One of the most common problems that can occur with roller doors is buckling – when the door stops rolling
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Telescopic Sliding Gates – The Perfect Space-Saver

Telescopic gates essentially allow twice the opening width into half the space. Compared to a typical sliding gate with a single panel, it is made up of 2 or 3 panels which overlap each other when opening, occupying less space. As Melbourne’s experts in commercial sliding door repair, Cowan Doors can help with servicing, maintenance, installation, and
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Commercial and Industrial Automatic Doors – What to Do in a Power Outage?

Automatic doors and commercial security gates are a convenient access option for many applications. Shutters, doors, and gates can be seamlessly opened and closed via remote control, keypad, or sensors, for smooth and safe entry and exit to a business premises. As a leading choice for an electric gate service, Melbourne’s Cowan Doors can help with all
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Commercial Glass Doors

Commercial Glass Doors – What Type of Glass is Used?

With the exception of the hardware, many commercial doors are made entirely of glass. Whether they are used to allow more light to flood into an interior space, to give customers and clients a clear view to the products and services inside, or to enhance the aesthetics of a premises, commercial glass doors play a big role
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Commercial Glass Doors

5 Reasons Why Commercial Glass Doors Are So Popular

If you want to provide the best customer experience to people coming to your business, installing the right commercial doors is one of the first steps. Glass doors are the ideal way to create an easy and inviting entrance, and they look sleek and modern too. Read on to discover five reasons why so many businesses choose
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Commercial Roller Doors

Choosing the Best Commercial Roller Doors for Your Business

From factories to warehouses, offices, shops, and studios, the safety of a commercial premises and its assets must be a top priority. One of the best forms of protection is high-quality commercial and industrial roller doors. Melbourne is typically a safe city, but you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your staff, clients,
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